When you are working with tempered glass, you are working with an amazing material. To the naked eye, you can’t tell the difference between regular and tempered glass. But there are some amazing benefits to tempered glass. Read on to discover all the incredible benefits of tempered glass.

#1 Strength

Tempered glass is up to four times stronger than regular glass. That’s a lot more durability when it comes to shattering and keeping your home protected and your family safe. It also means that a snowball is more likely to just bounce off due to its strength then shatter the window.

#2 Shatter Pattern

Tempered glass doesn’t shatter into large shards when it breaks, but fractures into small little blocks and pieces. These tiny little cubes and squares land on the floor instead of big shards of glass or tiny slivers that find their way into your feed.

#3 Easy Clean Up

These little cubes are so much easier to clean up than regular glass. You can vacuum an entire area to get rid of them and know that you’ll have gotten them all. The last thing that you want to do is worry about stray pieces of glass roaming around your house.

#4 Safer

Tempered glass is safer to use because of the way it breaks. Because of the safety that tempered glass provides, many building codes require it for certain areas in the home like shower doors, front glass doors, sidelights, etc. This is to protect someone near the area if the glass were to break. You don’t want to be vulnerable in the shower and worry about the glass door breaking because you slammed it a little too hard.

#5 Scratch Resistant

Tempered glass is more scratch resistant than regular glass. It can still scratch, but will be less likely to because of its strength. Tempered glass cannot be cut or drilled without shattering the glass. Typically, any special adjustments to size, holes or patterns are done before the glass is tempered. So while it may seem that there are some limitations, the benefits outweigh any possible issues.

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