You know all about rock chips and cracks in your windshield. But what about the rest of your vehicle? You have glass in more than just the windshield to worry about. Auto glass damage can happen anywhere, even your car windows – which sometimes can be worse. If you have a broken window you constantly have to worry about thieves getting into your car or watching the sky for rain so you don’t damage your interior. And that plastic bag you taped over the area is really classy. If you need car window repair, it doesn’t have to be a hassle or painful.

Bring in your vehicle so the technicians can inspect the damage to the window. If we know that you are coming we can even order the specific glass for your window in advance. Once we have the glass we need that is the perfect fit, our technicians will carefully remove the door panel for the effected area. This gives them access to the mechanisms that control the glass and also the broken glass. Once they are inside of this area they will remove the broken glass and then go through and vacuum all the glass or other debris that was trapped inside the door. Getting rid of all this extra trash will ensure that your new window will function perfectly in the future.

Now the area is ready for them to install the new glass window. Once the technicians have completed the car window repair they will test the regulator. That means they’ll make sure that the window goes up and down like it should. Once the window is functioning, they will replace the door panel on the vehicle, putting it back into place to cover the mechanisms.

Finally, any remaining glass is vacuumed out of the vehicle. Your new window is ready to use and enjoy. Just follow these simple tips:

  • Make an appointment as soon as you can so we can order your glass
  • Make sure you keep that appointment time to get the problem taken care of
  • Remove any of your tape or plastic you’ve applied to protect the area
  • Remove an unnecessary items that might be in the way of the repair
  • Wait comfortably while the repair is completed
  • Then drive away happy with your new window!

It’s just that easy when you are looking at car window repair! Come see AZ Mobile Glass LLC in Gilbert, AZ if you’re looking for auto glass repair services. Click here to contact us today!