One of the strangest things a car owner can experience is auto glass mold. Most drivers will never confront it, but the lucky few—particularly those that live in warmer and wetter climates—will begin noticing a strange type of mold beginning to grow on the windows of their car, spreading over time.

Is Auto Mold Even Real?

Is this mold real? And if it is real, is it dangerous? As it turns out, auto glass mold is indeed real and it is dangerous to your health. As such it needs to be cleared out as quickly as possible.

Auto glass mold, as mentioned above, tends to grow on vehicles in wetter and warmer climates. On top of this, they tend to grow on vehicle windows that of cars that are not as active as other vehicles.

All types of mold are what are referred to as “opportunistic organisms.” This means they will grow, eat, and lay waste on anything they can grow on. This includes trees, walls, and, importantly here, the interior and exterior of your car windows. Once they gather on a location, they will eat what they can and continue spreading as time progresses.

Where Does it Grow?

Window mold tends to begin to grow in the window panel, where moisture tends to pool after a rain storm. Smaller pools of water are perfect breeding locations for bacterial spores. From there, they can begin to spread across the windows of your car. For vehicles that are left for longer periods of time uncovered, the accumulation of water and warmer temperatures provide ideal situations for the mold to grow.

Is it Dangerous?

So why is auto window mold dangerous? The first thing to remember is that the mold prefers to live in the interior of the vehicle, where the temperatures are more stable for longer times. Over time, this mold can be spread over the car by way of the heating and air conditioning. Once it spreads, it can grow on other surfaces. Yet the more dangerous part of this is that the spores can be breathed in, causing severe damage to the lungs and making you ill.

There are ways to take care of this type of mold. The first is to make sure the car runs on a regular basis. Even if you are just turning on the vehicle and turning on the heat and window defrosters, you can prevent mold buildup. Another thing that can be done is to drive the car and make sure you roll the windows down every so often.

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