Why it is Important to get your Auto Glass Repair Done Quickly

For many drivers on the road, it is the natural inclination to ignore chips or cracks on the windshield as long as they can still see out while driving. This thought-process is extremely erroneous, however, and as it turns out, you need to repair windshields that have cracks or chips quickly for numerous reasons.

Before we get into those reasons, it is best to understand what is going on with the windshield when it cracks or chips. Windshields, like all glass, are formed by millions-upon-millions of pieces of grains that are fused together. Though the ideal is for those pieces of grain to never have spaces between them—forming a 100% perfect blanket of grains—modern machinery, technology, and techniques can never achieve this ideal. They can only get so close. As such there are always spaces between the grains.

Over time, detritus from the road and environment can begin to get into those spaces. When a large piece of debris hits the windshield, causing a crack or chip, the crack or chip is actually a larger space where the grains have been removed. As time progresses, more debris and detritus will get into that space, working away at the now-exposed grains around it and removing them. This causes cracks or chips to continue growing.

From here you can see the biggest reason that the crack or chip on your windshield needs to be taken care of quickly: it will continue growing. The forces hitting the windshield, along with throwing everything floating in the air at your car, will necessary take away those grains, which causes that tiny crack to grow larger and larger before your eyes.

As it grows larger, the integrity of your windshield begins to fail. Windshields are not there just to see out of, but are the first line of defense for your safety that the car offers. Weakened windshields are subject to further cracking or, in worst case scenarios, implosion, which can harm the driver and passengers in the car.

This is why you need to get that chip or crack taken care of. If the damage is small—smaller than the size of your palm—you can apply a solution that will seal off the exposed grains and protect against the crack spreading (though the crack or chip will still visibly be there). If it is large, call a windshield repair company and get it taken care of to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.