Cracked and chipped windshields are so common that it is a surprise no quick-fix remedy has come out to repair it. Though many panaceas are available on the market or online, nothing truly works except professional repairs or using the tools that professionals use.

One of the common problems with professionally repaired windows is that after you have paid to get it done and it has been repaired, you may still see a chip or crack. While the windshield integrity is back in place after being under risk due to the chip and crack, it can still be annoying to see the chip or crack. Window repairs, then, are not invisible.


This is due to a very good reason: in order to repair a crack or chip in the windshield, the repairmen will fill the area with a resin. This resin is not supposed to take away the chip or crack, but used to prevent further cracks or chips from developing on the windshield.

Windshields are composed of glass which are in turn made up of millions of grains of silica that are bound together. The problem with these bonds is that they are never perfect, resulting in a blanket-like pattern of silica with grooves in between the individual silica pieces. Within those grooves, detritus can build up from the road. If an outside force or object hits the area, and a chip or crack develops, dirt and debris will build up in that space and wear away at the remaining silica.

The resin, then, is meant to serve as a filling agent between the grooves that are open and those that are still intact. This ensures that the detritus that builds up won’t cause a further crack, as the spreading of the crack will result in a windshield whose integrity wears down more-and-more over time.

Complete Windshield Replacement

The only repair that will be invisible to the naked eyes is a complete windshield replacement. This is an option when you get a large crack on your windshield, but can be quite expensive. Moreover, it may not be a good idea if the crack or chip isn’t large enough to make it worthwhile. A window repair specialist or your insurance agent can help make the decision between the two easier.

Though the repair won’t be invisible, if a crack or chip shows up on your windshield, you need to take care of it immediately. Waiting will allow the chip or crack to spread, causing the integrity of the windshield to fail over time, threatening your safety.

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