When it’s time to get your car window repaired, it can be a stressful time. Maybe you aren’t sure how long it will take or how the process really works. But we decided to ease the stress by outlining 5 valuable lessons you’ll learn so next time your window repair will be a piece of cake!

#1 Learn

How does your power window actually work? A broken power window can be expensive. Whether it is the glass of the window or the regulator, you need to know more about your window to get it fixed quickly and correctly.

#2 Quote

Once you know what the problem with your car window is, you can go about getting your car window repaired. If you need the glass repaired, find a local and reputable glass company to quote you on the cost of a new car window. This will give you an idea of the amount you’ll need to set aside to pay for the car window repair. If the car window regulator is broken, the glass company may be able to repair that as well. Many companies offer that as an additional service to their customers.

#3 Find the Cause

Does your car window need to be repaired from a break in? Or did the glass just shatter one day? Did the glass fall down into the door? All of these types of problems can be rectified when you know what the cause was. Is your regular bad? If it needs to be replaced, there is no better time than now! If your car was broken into, what can you do to prevent that from happening again? Once you know the root cause of the problem, you’ll be able to prevent it from happening again in the future.

#4 Repair it

Once you know what needs to be fixed and how to prevent that same issue in the future, you can go about getting it replaced. It takes less time than you think to have your car window repaired or replaced. Defer to the technician about whether a repair or replacement option is better for you.

#5 Remember

Don’t forget what got you here! Keep your valuables out of sight and be gentle with your window regulators.

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