You’ve got a rock chip on your windshield. Now what? You’re not even sure what happened. You might have just noticed it one day. One thing is for sure, you know that you need to get it replaced. But where? And how? And more important, how much?

Isn’t there some YouTube video that you can watch that will show you how to fix it for free? Do you have some clear nail polish?

While you might be looking for the lazy man’s way to repair it – that doesn’t mean that you want to risk ruining your expensive windshield on something that might or might not work.

Let’s start with the basics. You have a rock chip. Check. You need to get it repaired. Check. Or not? The answer is YES! You need to get it repaired. If you leave the rock chip on your windshield, it can and will spread at any time. Going through the car wash on a hot day? That rock chip just turned into a giant crack. You might be driving over a pot hole on your way to the movies and bam! Your rock chip just turned that large glass view screen into one with lines running through it. Not fixing a rock chip is one of the quickest ways to ruin your windshield and result in having to get the entire windshield replaced. And it costs A LOT less to just fix the rock chip.

The solution? The best rock chip repair for the laziest person out there – get someone else to do it! By having a professional take care of your rock chip repair, you know that it will be done right, the first time. It could take less than 30 minutes to get your rock chip repaired. In fact, by the time you logged on to your phone or computer, found this blog and read it, you could have almost had your entire rock chip already repaired! Give us a call or just come in. We’ll take care of getting your rock chip fixed and get you back on the road.

Rock Chip Repair at AZ Mobile Glass in Gilbert, AZ!

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