Your tempered glass door is a thing of beauty. It’s made from glass that is five times stronger than normal glass, manufactured in a special way by heating and cooling over and over. Tempered glass is created for one specific reason, to make you and your family safer if it ever does break. Tempered glass will break into little tiny ovals and squares instead of large shards, protecting you and your family from large jagged pieces of glass.

So what are you doing RIGHT NOW that might ruin your tempered glass door? Here’s the top nine mistakes you could be making:

#1 Don’t slam the door. Your mom always told you to stop slamming the door. Probably because it gave her a headache or woke up the baby. Don’t slam the glass door either. It can increase stress cracks in the glass that you can’t even see.

#2 Don’t expose it to cold water when it’s hot. If it’s a hot summer day, don’t spray off your door with the hose. If you need to clean the glass, wait until you are out of the direct sunlight to avoid having problems.

#3 Don’t hit your door with objects. Yes, this one seems pretty obvious. A baseball hitting your glass won’t keep it intact. Organize playtime away from the doors and windows.

#4 Clean your glass carefully. Tempered glass can be easy to scratch. Make sure you wash it with a soft sponge and dish soap. If you have grit on the door, rubbing it around will make scratches in the finish that you may or may not be able to see.

#5 Don’t let the dog scratch at the door. If you want to see far worse damage on your glass than a simple cleaning, allow your dog or cat to scratch at the glass. You’ll see a scratching arc pattern that’s impossible to repair. You’ll need to do a complete tempered glass replacement.

#6 Avoid using adhesives when you can. When you leave tape or any other kind of item on the glass you’ll leave a residue that will be difficult to remove. This goes back to being careful about how you clean the door.

With a quick few tips, some obvious, some not so much, you’ll be able to get much more life and wear out of your tempered glass door.

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