Is Mobile Glass Repair really needed?

Last night’s thunderstorm was great, wasn’t it? Just when you couldn’t fall asleep, the rain started falling at a relatively steady rate, lightning lighting up the sky and thunder trailing behind. Even the whooshing of the wind was nice to your ears. You instantly were soothed back to sleep.

Yet throughout that period, what you didn’t remember was that you parked under a tree. And at some point in the night—say, an hour or two after you fell asleep—a large branch was hacked off by the lightning and wind, causing it to fall down right on your windshield.

Maybe this scenario didn’t actually happen, but chips, cracks, and spider-webbed damage on windshields absolutely happens. Many people see a small crack or chip, figure that they can see through it, and continue without a thought in the world.

Yet we are here to tell you that that small chip or crack, or gigantic crack or spider-web, is causing a serious harm to your safety. And when it harms your safety, you should get it fixed. This is the largest reason that mobile window-repair is the best choice for you when you find damage to your windshield.

The second reason that you need to get it repaired is that that crack or chip, which may seem tiny to you, is actually opening a giant hole that allows detritus to build up and further remove the grains that make up the glass, causing it to spread. The more it spreads, the uglier it looks and the less reliable that windshield is to protecting you while driving. When it is tiny, you can usually repair this yourself, but any damage larger than your palm will need professional care.

This professional work needs to be done as soon as possible. The larger the crack or chip is, the more detritus will be able to wear away the windshield, causing the crack or chip to expand. If you so happen to be driving down the road with one of these and a tiny pebble comes up and smacks the windshield, it could cause a complete failure—meaning that the windshield could collapse or crack to the point where you can see. Sound safe? It isn’t.

Even if you think that you may be able to fix the problem on your own, it may be a great idea to get professional advice. Major companies will often tell you that the problem can be fixed with a solution picked up at the local auto body shop, while also offering you to fix it as well in a timely and efficient manner.