Have you had a string of bad luck when it comes to your windshield, having to fill in chips after months of driving? Do you live on a dirt road and get chips or cracks on your windshield from passing automobiles or the vehicle in front of you? If so, you may want to check out windshield solutions that can help prevent these chips from appearing.

While it may sound like a panacea for your windshield—a chemical that can be spread on and voila! no more cracks—windshield treatments do indeed work to prevent chipping.

Windshields, like all other pieces of glass, are made up of tiny grains of silica and other materials that are bound tightly together in a solid sheet to varying levels of transparency. No piece of glass, however, is made up of grains that are perfectly packed together with no space in between. Those spaces are the locations where dirt, debris, and detritus can build up over time, contributing to a weakened section of the glass that when hit with a foreign object can cause a chip or crack. This is also the reason that cracks grow: once the space opens, more detritus can fill in, eating away at the silica bonds of the glass over time.

Chemical Compound Treatments

Windshield treatments that prevent chips are chemical compounds that fill in those holes and prevent detritus from building up. Acting like a dome of sorts over the entirety of the glass, the chemical treatment will cover both the silica bonds and the tiny grooves that lay in between them. When debris cannot get in, they will have nowhere to build up, preventing chips and cracks.

Many of these windshield treatments have other uses as well. Many vehicles come equipped with it when it is first manufactured, giving that appearance of rain drops that bunch up and slide right off the windshield with very little work from the wipers. They also act to help stop the effect of light on the windshield and silica grains, which causes a prism effect and can impair your vision.

As you can see, windshield treatments that prevent cracks and chips should be utilized to maintain your safety and the integrity of the vehicle on the road. The treatment helps in ways beyond preventing cracks, providing you an additional layer of support on top of the windshield that will help keep the windshield lasting longer and you safer on the road.

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